The most cost-effective measurement tool for single HD/FM station

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Featuring recording with real-time service quality metrics for 1 single station, designed for smart HD Radio™ / Analog FM mobile measurement.

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The Nomad HDR/FM Lite Analyzer exctracts the RF level from the Inovonics recevier's RSSI information, via a calibrated algorythm to consider the receiving antenna gain and system losses. It utilizes highly accurate GPS monitoring using WAAS/EGNOS satellites and supports logging of 1 station (HD Radio or analog). The system can compare in realtime a previous campaign completed for the station under test or for another station in the same market, to evaluate the differences in coverage and service quality between the 2 stations. Reporting is available via Excel-friendly CSV, Google Earth KML formats or OpenStreetMap PDF outputs.

  • Record 1 station at the time
  • Real time audible alarm feedback, reporting on: system status, propagation detected issues, other configuration alarms
  • Real time audio recording (HD and analog) and geotag playback
  • Time-based or distance-based data acquisition
  • High accuracy GPS positioning
  • Full campaign offline player
  • Support model KML overlay on OSM maps
  • Audio playback/record control (HDR only / split / blend / analog)
  • HD Radio™ metrics recording including1 :
    • HD Signal Acquired
    • HD Digital Audio Acquired
    • HD Available Programs
    • SIS Acquired
    • Program QI
    • Program DAAI
    • CD/NO
    • HD Artist
    • HD Title
    • Current Image Status
    • Current Image Name
    • Logo Image Interval
    • Album Image Name
    • Album Image Interval
    • Realtime audio recording (right channel analog and left channel digital) and geotagging for later analysis or playback
  • FM/RBDS metrics recording including1:
    • Multipath
    • SNR
    • RDS Loss
    • RDS PI
    • Stereo Indicator
    • RSSI
    • Left channel level
    • Right channel level
    • RDS PS
    • RDS RT
    • RDS Block Error Rate
    • Realtime audio recording and geotagging for later analysis or playback
  • Direct post-processing output:
    • One-click campaign summary report in OpenXML(docs), HTML5 or RTF format
    • Each individual metrics is recorded as CSV File
    • Google Earth KML report generation available for most metrics
    • Also support generating map reports to PNG via Open Street Map
  • Supports 3 languages: English, French and Spanish

1 Metrics varies depending on the optional receiver used

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  • Nomad HDR/FM Analyzer™ is a proprietary trademark of Octave Communications
  • HD Radio™ is a proprietary trademark of Xperi Corp
  • Excel is a trademark of Microsoft
  • Google Earth is a trademark of Google
  • INOmini HD Radio Site Streamer models 635, 638 and SOFIA HD Radio Site Streamer Model 565 and 568 are trademarks of Inovonics
  • USA Patent Pending: PTAS #505155860
  • Patent process subsidized by the Ministry of Économie et Innovation du Québec (Canada)



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